In the era of social media dominance where everything works online, people sometimes find themselves in trouble and difficulty and ends up in problem. That is why it is important to educate yourself as to what to do and what not to do while being in social media.


1) Have a proper and active social media profiles because when you don’t go posting any content on social media, the social media platform recognize your account as spam and end up temporary block it. Doesn’t matter what you post but do post to let social media know that the account is active.

2) Post and write for your audience and not yourself or some machine. Use language that your audience will understand because they are the end receiver of the content. Using more technical jargon will lead to difficulty in understanding and drive the audience away.

3) Interact with your audience regularly to build trustful and loyal environment for your audience. Regularly interacting with your audience will instill a sense of belongingness and credibility to your profile.

4) Properly handle criticism. Your audience might criticize certain actions and complain about it but you must respond constructively and patiently in order to not lose reputation.



1) Don’t write lengthy captions on the post as the retention rate of the audience is less and most of the time people don’t read full length captions. Write short and attractive captions that catches the attention of the audience.

2 )Don’t overuse hashtags. Using hashtags is must to reach more audience but writing lot of hashtags will mess the algorithm for your post and hampers engagement.

3) Don’t ignore any query. If anyone ask any question in comments or message, reply to that query. Leaving the query unattended will have bad publicity.

4) Don’t over post content. Yes posting less is also a problem and over posting too. Even if your content has good potential, over posting them will decrease the audience interest. In order grab the curiosity of your audience, organize a proper posting schedule.

5) Don’t fall for trolls. No matter what you post, what you say or what you do, there will always be someone who won’t be satisfied. Some people even use foul languages and troll for being just posting contents. That is why it is very important not to pay attention to them. Don’t get dishearten over trolls and continue to do what you and your audience likes.


Being on social media require attention and patience and hence you there are certain guidelines you must follow to use social media peacefully and without interruptions. Follow the dos and don’ts properly so that your wok is not hindered in any case.

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