Habits are the one thing which if you follow continuously for 21 days

becomes a daily routine . So if you are also a youtuber or want to

become like other great youtubers out there , who have already made

their successful career on youtube , then you must follow some of the

most productive and highly efficient habits to become like them.


I’ve analyzed popular YouTubers and discovered that while a viral video

or luck can play a part for some, success is usually the result of systems

and processes that are followed habitually.

So , here are some few habits that highly successful youtube creators

follow to make their videos successful.


1.Set up a work Routine :

Every youtube creator is very productive and follows time-management

techniques to follow and set up their work routine . If you also want to

become a successful YouTube creator , then you must be able to

manage your time consistently and post high-quality content


Many successful YouTube creators work independently and have to

learn to manage a schedule and distractions, especially when you are

brand new. Planning out a daily schedule from morning to night can help

you stay on track to meet deadlines and goals.

Try making a list of all your tasks for the day and execute them in an

order that suits your personal style. You want to do your most important

activities when you feel your best. If you work better at night, complete

your smaller tasks in the day and focus on bigger projects at night.You can also follow some productive techniques to make up a good time

routine everyday in order to make your youtube video a success.

Some of those techniques are like :

  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Time Batching
  • Time Blocking
  • 2- Minute Rule
  • 2-day rule
  • Eisenhower Decision matrix to decide which tasks you need to do Immediately or need to delegate it to someone else.

For example, consider batching your content for the week so you do all

of your creative tasks together, you can do the same for your analytical

and more mundane administrative activities.

Repeatedly following this groove will help align your mindset for work

quickly and easily.


2.Practise Self-Care :

This is the most important aspect of some of the biggest youtube

creators of all time . They practise Self-care as well.

Making Youtube videos is sometimes very difficult , especially if you are

doing it all by yourself . So , besides making youtube videos , you should

also need to take rest and also need to have good and proper care for

yourself too . In that way ,making youtube videos will not have a toll on



Successful YouTube creators know they can’t create their regular

standard of content if they aren’t in the right headspace. Many creators

prefer to take time away from their phones every day. This gives themtime to unwind from the internet and messages to focus on themselves

and enjoy the present moment however they desire.

Practice self-care and give your body and mind what it needs every day.

Find what makes you happy and relaxed outside of creating content.

This can be a weekly spa treatment, daily meditations, or a morning

walk. Self-care can also be painting, reading, and cooking. Taking time

to invest in relaxing activities will pay off in every other aspect of your life

and prevent burnout.


3.Start your Everyday Off Right :

The Important habit of all the successful creators is that they always start

their Day very rightly and productively . This gives them more energy

and efficiency to take out their everyday tasks very diligently and

perfectly . They eat some nutritious breakfast everyday , practise

meditation , self healing , maintain a proper mindset to start their

everyday life in the morning. By indulging in an enjoyable morning, they

start off on the right foot for a productive day.



Avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed by being mindful of how

you start your mornings. For example, if you feel the best after

exercising, start your day off with a satisfying amount of exercise. Or if

you don’t like to be rushed in the morning, wake up a little earlier to have

a slower start to your day and enjoy your coffee without worrying about

your to-do list. Finding a morning routine that works for you will transform

your mindset and energize you to conquer the day. This helps everyone

to start their day off very awesomely.


4.Check your Analytics Regularly :

This is also one of the highly successful habits of the highly successful

youtube creators . You should check your daily youtube analytics to

know how your daily youtube videos are giving leverage to your

audience .

Growing a successful channel means knowing how your channel is

performing. Successful Youtube creators know the ins and outs of their

analytics to keep track of how every video, thumbnail, and title affects

their metrics. By knowing their metrics, they know what their audience

enjoys and wants more of. Successful creators also know which metrics

affect each other so they can effectively focus on improving certain ones

which will then flow into boosting other metrics.

Frequently check your analytics to learn where your channel is thriving

and where improvement is needed. Even if you feel confident in a video,

thumbnail, or title, your audience may not enjoy it as much as you

expected. Your analytics provide the feedback you need to better your

channel. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of metrics available to

you, try focusing on a few important ones and working to improve those.

This will show you which metrics intertwine with each other and boost

each other.


So these were the top highly successful habits of the highly successful

youtube creators . Following these habits will definitely leverage your

youtube analytics and metrics and make you to reach at top of other

youtube creators as well if you practise these habits perfectly and


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