Linkedin connections can open the door for you to maximize the

outreach of your audience . It can lead to more business, new clients,

and provide social proof to yourself or organization.

However , it seems a bit difficult for everyone to improve the massive

connections with everyone on linkedin. With the majority of people

using linkedin and the contents they provide , is it that you can drive

massive connections to your linkedin profile?


Building a Linkedin connection is going to be a little difficult for you , if

you are starting new to this community , but don’t worry , if you have the

right strategy and framework you can even excel from the rest of the

crowd and still can perform better .



So here are the best tips and strategy to get you 500+ linkedin

connections :


1.Network everyday :

If you’re struggling to grow your LinkedIn network, you may not be spending enough time on the platform. If you want to become a powerplayer, you need to use social networks often. So dedicate 15-30 minutes a day to network on LinkedIn, and make it a goal to reach 500+ connections.


2.Join in linkedin groups :

This is the most utilizing and important aspect of building connections on linkedin.

You can join linkedin groups and participate in those groups to build

good connections with the audience and to make your business

connections strong.


LinkedIn groups present an opportunity to meet other professionals

(and eventually add them as connections) as well as learn and share

valuable advice. The point is not to just join a group, but actively

participate in them. This requires a degree of focus and smart selection.

Once you’ve joined, you should spend some time each day contributing

in at least five of your ten groups. You can ask questions, provide advice,

or share valuable articles or original content you’ve created.



3. Personalize your “connect” request :

If you want to make more and better connections with your teammates

and other professionals on linkedin , you must personalize your

“connect” request that you send to them.


Make your connection request more authentic, straight and simple .

don’t put up the flaggy words on it and don’t spoon the conversations

with your daunting requests . The less you know a person, the less likely

they are to connect with you if you send a generic connection request.

Many people will simply ignore your requests if you continue to make

mistakes . This is why it’s important to include a quick note that either

refreshes that person’s memory of you, mentions a common interest or

connection you might share, or simply introduces yourself and your

reason for connecting.


4. Use Keywords in your profile :

Just like Google, Youtube and the other search engines, keywords help

you get found on LinkedIn.

Use specific , neat and authentic keywords in your professional headline,

profile summary, and skill endorsement section.

How do you know what keywords to use?



Think about what you want yourself or your business to be endorsed for.

What skills do you have to offer your clients? For example, if your

business specializes in web solutions, some keywords you may think

about using would include SEO or “web content”.

As for your skills, be careful not to choose keywords that are too narrow.

For example if your business is in the financial services and tax

preparation industry, don’t use the names of niche tax solutions you

specialize in like “estate taxes” or “small business taxes” as your

endorsed skills. Instead, choose more general words like “tax

preparation”. By doing this, your connections will be more likely to

endorse you as it’s a broader category.


5. Invite existing contacts to connect on linkedin:

Invite all of your contact lists to connect with you on linkedin – be it your

friends , families , side-hustle contacts , office contacts , school friends

and many more.


Upload your email contacts into LinkedIn to seed your “smart” network.

LinkedIn allows you to import your existing email contacts from

Gmail, Yahoo and others into the platform, so start by connecting with

people you already trust.


Although people have expressed concerns about allowing LinkedIn to

access their contacts, it’s really no different than sharing your personal

information with any other social network or through your smartphone.

After you’ve expanded your network to include connections you already

trust, LinkedIn will better understand the types of people you have as

official contacts.


So these were the 5 tips and strategies that you can follow to outscale

your reach to most of the linkedin audience and boost your connections 3 times.

By following these tips and spending at least 15 minutes a day on

LinkedIn, you’re sure to see the number of connections you have grown.

This will provide more business opportunities and chances for you to

meet new clients

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