Making different and unique content on social media among tight competition is tough and demanding. That is why it is very essential for creators to make distinctive content that stand out from the rest.

In the world of social media, standing out from the crowd requires three key attributes- quality, dedication and patience.

Along with the key attributes, you must acquire proper knowledge about various aspects of making content


1)    Choosing the right social media. Your content requires a right social media platform to perform. Hence it is very important for you to know what type of social media among widely available platforms that will work better for your content. A photography account will not find much success on Twitter but on Instagram because Instagram is specialized in photo posting apps. Just like that if you post text based contents like quotes or viewpoints, that doesn’t require you to edit pictures or videos, then twitter is the best option because the majority of the people use twitter as a micro blogging site. While LinkedIn is mostly a business oriented social media platform that provides business associates to connect. Before making any decisions learn well about all the social media sites that will serve best for your content.


2)    Catchy name, profile picture and bio. Your content should be backed by a very good username and bio that states few attractive lines about your social media account because users get hooked by how well you describe yourself, the way you are and how you work. A suitable username will serve best for your content and a beautiful profile picture that catches the attention of the users even before they visit your social media profile.


3)    A stand out content. Whatever the content you make it has to be unique, distinctive and consistent. The competition on the social media platforms is very high and every type of content has an end number of competition so make sure you give users content that make them engaged towards your account. For a content that require photo editing, don’t worry. You don’t have to be a pro editor for that. There are many apps available like PicsArt, Snapseed and canvas that allows you to edit photos as you like. There are also various video editing apps like Inshot, VN video editor, Capcut, Kinemaster and Vita that help you to edit videos using various effects and transitions that make your content appealing.


And a little patience! Not everything you do will get you immediate results. You will have to be consistent, persistent and unique and continue to post your amazing content. But be regular in posting content. The result you want will not be achieved overnight but with dedication and patience. And as you establish your presence over one platform, start with another. Let your content make noise all over social media!


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