Social media is a very effective tool to spread

awareness for something socially good. It helps a lot in

connectivity with people and maintaining a sustainable

life among other individuals as well.

If you’re someone who’s looking forward to bringing a

positive change in the community, you’ve probably tried

tons of ways to spread the word about your efforts.

But we are so fortunate because we have exactly what is

needed to connect to a large audience—the social



Here I’m going to walk you through different ways by which we could use this powerful resource – social media – for something good socially .

So let’s get started :


1.To network with like organizations :

One of the best ways to obtain useful information about

a concern is by having a little conversations with other

contacts on the same page.Regardless of which social channel you are using, you

can join community groups/ like organizations, follow a

relevant hashtag, or add to your list friends and

followers that belong to similar organizations. Unlike

traditional business, these organizations won’t be your

competitors. They will be philanthropic organizations

seeking to bring good to the community.

This is one of the best ways to connect with the

organizations and use social media for good.


2. To Share the Facts and Figures:

Nothing speaks credibility the way research and

statistics do. People love getting to know facts and

statistics, especially those they were previously unaware.


Social causes always have a range of statistics,

research, and knowledge to share to enlighten an

audience. Always try to Come up with infographics,

charts, and creative images that will make effective

posts to engage the community as well as enlighten

them about the basics of your cause.


3.To Connect with the Donors :

With the help of social media accounts, you won’t have

to go through all the trouble and awkwardness. By

creating a sound and solid social presence you will have

access to a large community, possibly even an international one.


Social media won’t require you to knock on anyone’s

door. You will simply share what you have to say or

show and the interested bunch of people will show up

on their own. No awkwardness, no force needed, and no

spam emails.You can simply ask for donations by

weaving your audience with emotions .


4.To promote the Events :

If you want to do Event promotions for any social cause

like blood donation camp, donation for organs and

things like that ,then social media is the best way to do

these days. Let your fans and followers, as well as the

public, know what your organization is arranging for the

social cause. With the help of social media, such asFacebook, you can also invite a large number of people

and ask them whether they are “going” or “not going” to

the event. This will also allow you to judge the number of

guests you should be having.


5.To share stories :

You can always share good and motivational stories of

any inspirational person , who has done some noble

cause for the society , to the rest of your community on

any of the social media platforms .

These could be narratives of people you’ve helped,

videos of tours and experiences, heart-wrenching

pictures of those who need help, and other content

meant to inspire. Let your audience know how you have

been making a difference. If you’re following a cause

that is meant to raise awareness, telling stories is one of

the best ways to do this.


So these were the 5 ways through which you can impact

social media for a good social cause.

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