With the huge continuous success of Youtube, the youtube stories are becoming a trending factor from the past coming years. Like Tiktok and Instagram reels, Youtube stories are getting more attention because of it’s more versatile audience range and it’s effective process to engage with your target audience. This can help many creators on Youtube to increase and effectively grow their subscribers count diligently with the help of Youtube stories.

YouTube Stories are a great tool for engaging with your current subscribers, but you might not have realized they can actually help grow your audience. The algorithm pushes your stories to potential new viewers, not just users who are already subscribed to your channel. Therefore, a little bit of effort on your stories could go a long way.

So, here are a few ways to grow your subscriber count using YouTube Stories.

1. Post Stories Consistently : 

It is one of the most fundamental parts and techniques to make your presence out to the new subscribers. Like, for youtube , you need to post consistent videos, here also you need to post consistent stories not sporadically. 

In order to work effectively, your YouTube Stories need to become a regular part of your channel promotion strategy, not just something you update when you feel like it. You should update your story several times a week. Likewise, on the days you update it, add at least three posts to hold your viewers’ attention.

Additionally, the content you post to your YouTube Stories should differ from the content you post on your Instagram Stories.You can share some of the same images or video clips, but try to offer something unique on your YouTube stories. Instead of simply sharing moments from your day, utilize these story posts to promote your channel.

2. Create Engaging Posts : 

Use Engaging posts to leverage your target audience. This is the most effective method, often used by most popular youtube creators as well.There are so many different options for creating engaging posts on your story. So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to static images or quick video clips. When you share a picture, make it more engaging by adding a sticker. Share a clip from your channel with a video sticker, share your favorite hangouts with a location sticker, or tag a friend with a mention sticker.

You can also allow your viewers to comment on your stories. Then, you can reply to their comments in further story updates. Use comments for a quick Q-and-A or to collect suggestions for future video ideas.

3. Share Behind the scenes contents : 

This is the most effective and by far one of the most important step/techniques to increase your subscribers count. The majority of your story posts should serve the purpose of promoting your channel. One of the best ways to promote your channel on your story is to share behind-the-scenes content. For example, you might share a snapshot of your computer screen as your next upload processes to get your viewers hyped for a new video.

You can also promote your channel on your story by sharing exclusive sneak peaks from your upcoming videos. For example, if you’re working on a collaboration, then you could share a picture of you and your collabo partner. To pick your viewers’ interest even more, you might hide your friend’s face with a sticker and ask your audience to guess who they are in the comments.

So, these were the most important and useful techniques and strategies to help you to increase your subscribers count from youtube stories.

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