Sponsorship on youtube or on any social media platform is very essential to engage with your audience. It also gives the creators some kind of financial stability and encourages them forward to make similar contents like this. So, in this article we will learn how you can use this framework to write better cold-emails to brands for which you want to work with and they want to sponsor their products with you.

As a content creator, sponsorships and brand deals are an important pillar of your financial stability. They can supplement your income when unexpected changes to YouTube’s monetization policies or other factors outside your control negatively impact your channel’s revenue. However, you may not be hearing from the kinds of brands you want to work with. Rather than waiting for them to find you, you should be the one to reach out to them.

Here’s how to write a pitch email to brands you want to sponsor.

1. Curate a list of brands.

You need to curate a lot of brands, first to get yourself started with email pitching.See the brands that will fit to your channel’s spotlight and if those brands fit very well to your channel/contents niche , then only you should approach them.

Just because you can send a pitch to any brand doesn’t mean you should. If your channel isn’t a good fit for a potential sponsor, then you’ll only be wasting both their time and yours. Therefore, you should do your research and curate a list of potential sponsors that would be a good fit for your channel.

Start by thinking in terms of both audience demographics and content niche. Are your viewers likely to buy products or services from that brand? Are the brand’s current customers likely to be fans of your channel? 

Next, think in terms of size. If the aforementioned beauty creator had ten thousand subscribers, then they would have much better luck securing a sponsorship from a smaller indie brand than from a massive luxury label. 

Finally, consider the brands where you have potential contacts. Have you spoken with someone on their marketing team before? Did you meet a brand rep at an event? Have they sponsored a friend of yours? Does the brand follow you on social media? If you can reach out through a personal connection, then you’ll be much more likely to land the deal.

2. Determine who you’re going to send your email to.

If you simply email your pitch to the first address you find, then you probably won’t hear back. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you locate the correct person. If you have a personal connection to the brand, then reach out to your contact first. However, if you don’t know a brand rep personally, then you should research the brand’s marketing or PR team.

Next, determine the specific person you want to reach out to. If the company’s employee roster isn’t available on its website, then you might be able to find it on LinkedIn. Do your best to determine which individual handles the brand’s social media marketing or influencer marketing campaigns.

Then, research that person. Check out their LinkedIn profile. If you can find their social media, see if you have any friends or connections in common. Try to determine some kind of common ground. That way, you’ll be able to personalize your pitch, therefore making it stand out.

3. Keep your pitch brief, but make it personal.

This is the most important part to start your reach to new brands.  Start your email by briefly introducing yourself and mentioning any connection you have to the person you’re reaching out to.

Next, give specific reasons why you want to work with the brand and why they should work with you. For example, you might write, “The video got 5,000 views the day I uploaded it. That’s 30% more traffic than my videos usually generate! A few hundred of my followers even reached out to me to tell me they’d purchased your mascara for themselves. I can see why they loved it..

Then, briefly explain your idea for a sponsorship. Be sure to include your rates. Continuing the example, you could add, “I would love to collaborate on a sponsored video. I could create a tutorial for an everyday look using some of your most popular products and offer my viewers a coupon code. My sponsored content rates start at $200 for a 15 to 20-minute video, including one revision and final brand approval.

Finally, end your message with any final details that might make a brand interested in working with you. Be sure to end politely and leave your contact information. The example might end like this: “I believe working together would be beneficial for both of us. A similar project I did with Ocean Beauty last month generated 200 sales from 8,000 viewers. I’d love to discuss the possibility of a sponsorship with you further! You can contact me at (123) 456-7890. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you!”.

When you get a response to your pitch, be sure to reply promptly. Even if they reject your offer, thank them for their time. You might even inquire about brand ambassadorships, PR lists, or other influencer marketing opportunities they have.

So, these were the most important tips and strategies to keep in mind while writing pitch-emails to your most favourite brands to outreach you. The key to a successful pitch email is personalization. Know who you’re writing to, and give specific reasons their brand should collaborate with you. 

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