Hashtag is a pound sign # that helps the user to attract audiences towards their social media post. It helps users to promote their brand or content and connect with a wide range of audience. Hashtags first originated from twitter but now it is an integral part of all social media.

Hashtag is an easy way to bring out your content where people searching the hashtag can find your post under it #photography #writingcommunity #moviequotes #entrepreneur #callforcreativity and so on. You can find that suit your content type and mention them under your post to get more reach.

Why are hashtags so important for social media?

Reaches the target audience: 

When you write hashtags under your social media post, it has more chances to reach out to the target audience. So when your post is under a specific hashtag say #businessmanlife #inspirationalquotes, it will be visible to everyone on that social media or searching content under the hashtag.

Research the popular hashtags:

You will have to do a lot of research to check which hashtags are popular in your industry type. Some social media have an option or a feature to see the total number post under a hashtag. Instagram has an option to search for hashtags on the search page which also shows the total number of posts under that hashtags and how popular the hashtag is. In twitter you can also see the top and recent posts under the hashtags and trending hashtags in the last 24 hours.

Research and observe the latest trends in the hashtags daily to be in the forward line always and make best use of hashtags.


Know which platform works better for hashtags:

Yes that’s right you have to understand that not all social media platforms work better for hashtags. Every social media platform has different dimensions to work for hashtags. The best social media platforms that work best for hashtags are Twitter and Instagram. They have special allotment for hashtags to work, research, observe the growth to boost the post. You can easily find what hashtags work best for your content type, number of posts under them and the popularity. Instagram is especially beneficial for business. You can even make your own hashtag!

Whereas some social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube don’t work well in favor of hashtags because YouTube works with suggestions and trends. That means when you browse content on YouTube it gives you suggestions for content based on your preferences, views and likes rather than what hashtag you search or use. You may use the hashtags on your description box but that is just to make a point, it will not target the audience. Users don’t search for hashtags on Facebook. Hashtags don’t work there. Facebook is mainly used to connect with friends and build community. Businesses can use Facebook to reach potential customers.


Hashtags are always in trend, no matter where you are and what content you make, every industry has popular hashtags. You just need to research what hashtags are best for your content and use them regularly.


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