Influencer marketing is one of the most phenomenal marketing metrics

that we all need to look out for in 2021. With the growing demands of the

consumers and brands advertisements , it is taking the rise with the

major rate and people are really getting their hands dirty on this .

Influencer marketing is already big and it’s only going to get bigger.

Every year brings about new social media platforms, new types of

content, and new ways brands can engage with their potential

customers. The best influencers stay on top of the trends so they can

offer brands what they need to shine.

With the social media landscape changing so quickly, it’s important that

influencers leverage the hottest influencer marketing trends quickly to

develop their authority and expertise, making themselves more attractive

to brands. For their part, brands will want to jump on these influencer

marketing trends to expand their audience, generate new leads, and

earn more revenue.

The IPA has reported that a 20% decline across advertising, influencers

enjoyed a 46% increase. That’s huge. And, it’s why influencers have

seen the spotlight on them grow brighter.

So let’s dive deeper into the some of the trends of maturing Influencer

marketing that we all need to look out for in 2021 :


1.The rise of Micro and Nano Influencers :

There are different types of Influencers , from nano influencers with just

a few thousand followers to celebrity influencers with millions.Micro-influencers, particularly those with fewer than 25,000 followers,

have the highest engagement Rates at around 7%. Considering that

engagement rates on instagram have been declining, influencers with an

engaged following are getting a closer look from businesses, even with

fewer followers. By focusing on nano and micro-influencers, brands will

be able to stretch their influencer marketing budgets while still working

with influencers that are deeply connected to their audiences and

influencers will benefit from partnerships with an increasing number of




2.Rise of New Social Media platforms :

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we always have room for more

social media platforms. TikTok had a stellar year due, in large part, to the

pandemic that swept the globe and kept people indoors with little to do.

But TikTok

isn’t the only new social app to come out of the year. The


invite-only, audio-based social app ClubHouse and


(Instagram’s answer to TikTok) also joined the party in 2020.

When TikTok took off in early 2020, influencers were right there

with it,

amassing followers on the platform and partnering with brands to create

sponsored posts and ads. There’s no doubt that TikTok’s popularity will

continue to surge throughout 2021 with both influencers and brands

alike. Platforms have also taken lessons from life in a global pandemic to

heart, too, making it easier for brands to

create and amplify branded

content and for consumers to shop on the

platforms. Those trends will

continue throughout 2021.

3.Performance based Deals will Increase :

With the growing demands for the rise of Social media platforms and

trends related to Influencer marketing , the performance based deals are

also on the rise .

As brands and influencers alike seek out long-term partnerships, it’s

likely that performance-based influencer marketing will increase. This

means that clients will expect influencers to deliver on their promises

such as a specific number of sales or clicks. If you’re an influencer

confronted with a performance-based contract, you might want to

consider turning it into ongoing royalties instead of accepting a single

payment. You’ll also want to be diligent in your contract review before

signing to make sure you know what you’re agreeing to before

guaranteeing a specific return.

4.Video Content will Increase :

This is the most promising and most aspiring trends due to the increase

in the trends over Influencer Marketing . Video contents provide lots of

major deals and brand portfolios to many creators and with the help of

increase in Video contents trends in near future , the brand

advertisements will also increase , thus giving tremendous opportunities

to other micro creators as well.


Every year for at least the last seven years, video content has been on

everyone’s list of not just influencer marketing trends but marketing

trends in general. And there’s a good reason for that. People just love

videos. With the increasing popularity of TikTok and the introduction of

Instagram Reels, we’re going to be seeing more video content than ever.

Plus, IGTV is just sitting there, waiting for Instagram to let loose the rain

of ad revenue that everyone is expecting once they stop testing and let

ads go live on the platform.


So these were the most promising and helpful Influencer Marketing

trends that will definitely rise in 2021 and in near future and you should

need to look out these.

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