YouTube is oversaturated with content. Every search result under the sun produces thousands of results. With endless hours of entertainment, how are viewers supposed to decide which video to click on first?

Making your video the most click-worthy is all about grabbing your viewers’ attention. Here are three things that will do just that.

1. An expressive thumbnail elicits an emotional response.

Oftentimes, video thumbnails feature a still of the creator’s face from the video. They’re most likely smiling, like a friend inviting you to come to hang out for a while.

Featuring your face on your thumbnail is a good way to attract attention, but you can really grab your viewers’ attention by making your face extremely expressive. Your thumbnail face doesn’t have to be taken directly from the video. Many vloggers capture their thumbnails separately.

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When you’re filming your video, think about which emotion has the strongest presence. Disgust, shock, fear, heartbreak, and joy are all good places to start. Then, for your thumbnail picture, show that emotion in the most dramatic way possible.

2. Stand out with a shocking title.

As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. Your video title is likely the first thing a potential viewer will see in their subscription box, on a notification, or on social media. Therefore, having a strong title can make your video stand out.

When it comes to titles, the more shocking you can be, the better. Your title should get emotional, ask questions, or playfully exaggerate.

3. Use what’s trending to get ahead.

When a trending topic catches your eye, think of ways you can quickly make a video out of it. Millions of people are already talking about it, and your video will have the potential to reach all of them.

Reaction videos are a good place to start. So are hot takes, where you offer a controversial opinion on a popular song, movie, or major pop culture moment. You can also try to recreate the trend in your own unique way.

Expressive thumbnails, shocking titles, and trending topics always grab viewers’ attention. Follow the examples mentioned above to start attracting more attention to your videos today.

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